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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Corn status: Good

The corn shoots are popping up all over the place and not a single sign of burning so far. So groovy.

Dad and I finished pulling the agmulch and driptape for our tomatoes this morning. 10 rows about 240 feet long should accommodate about a thousand tomato plants or more. Will seriously try to get a pic to show you by tomorrow morning.

Other good news: The water is running at Charley's place (farm#2) so today we had sprinklers going. What a delight that is, seeing rainbows and water in the air. We are supposed to have water in the irrigation ditch already but so far the Grants Pass Irrigation District is doing its usual poor job and slacking on us. Those idiots think everyone in the district just raises hay and apples and that nobody needs the water yet except for their lawns which can wait. I wish I could apply the sort of angst I am experiencing to the people who are the cause of our water woes. The Oregon Water Resources Commission, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Patagonia, Sierra Club and assorted land developers would all be writhing in agony while I clapped and laughed like a young boy seeing his first clown.

Ooops waxed a bit vicious there. Sorry about that to my gentle readership. I'm sure you can relate though.

Have a fun day of red and white checkered table cloth, barbecue and watermelon.


  • Good news about the corn. I've never had any luck growing corn. It's okay to be a little vicious sometimes. ;-)

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 6:08 AM  

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