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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Late Saturday

Late for me anyways. Was a pretty good day today. First Saturday of the season and we didn't do terrible. Wasn't a record setter but still in the top 5. Didn't have time to finish the big 4 by 8 plywood CORN sign but should get it done before Monday. Actually I had it finished but I hadn't looked at the back side of it which was quite ugly with glue and remnants from its previous use which requires me to paint it before putting it on public display. Uhg, I'm tired in case you couldn't guess.

Stupid idiot speed freak neighbors were out burning something in their backyard. 9:45 at night in the middle of summer with fire warnings posted all over the county and wildfire bomber planes flying overhead during the day and those damn dumb idiots are out playing weenie roast in a yard that is surrounded by tinder dry fields and forests. I'd call the cops on them but it might get me shot. Little consolation should they cauterize my neighborhood. I suppose I really should start carrying a sidearm so I wouldn't be quite so concerned with the immediate consequences of my choices. Only then I'd be even more concerned...

The corn is coming in great. Sweet, tender and flavorful. Already getting some positive feedback and we aren't even into the "Incredible" variety yet. Our next couple of fields have some really big stalks in them. Will try to get some pics up soon. Tomorrow being Sunday I should have some time.

Wishing you a lovely night and a wonderful day.


  • that's terrible that you have to be concerned for your safety that way. Sometimes neighbors suck.

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 10:42 AM  

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