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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

not such a good day

Worst news first to make the rest seem less important. Mom got a call from her older sister in Kansas today. Their oldest sister, Pauline, has apparently suffered a brain embolism or stroke and is unresponsive. Tough time for mom tonight; everybody pray that she gets some good sleep despite this, ok?

Lesser worst news, the ditch is still dry after four days of the pigs upstream gulping it all down for their lawns and driveways (you read it right) and on top of that news has come out in the paper that we will be assessed additional billing by the Grants Pass Irrigation District to make up for a short fall due to bad bookkeeping. The amount goes up per acreage, looks like we'll be nailed to the tune of about 350$. Still a month and a half out from cash flow and the universe is tightening the screws.

Sorry to my usual readership for the angst; You folks all have a lovely and serene evening/night/morning or whatever.


  • You have every right to be angry about the assholes who are hogging up the water that you're paying for. Some people suck. And they need to be told that sometimes. I get so annoyed at the people who waste water on their stupid lawns when we're in a drought.

    I hope your mom and her sisters are okay. I'm so sorry to hear that they are facing this kind of thing. My prayers are with you all!

    funny word veri. = wygtptax

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 7:23 AM  

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