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Thursday, November 16, 2006

No rain, busy, busy

Spent most of the day on the tractor and did some spraying around the perimeter of farm #1 as well as the fence lines and part of the vineyard. Just spraying my special round-up blend to knock down some weeds in the paths and work areas.

Mom has been having trouble with her blood pressure being too high and an elevated heart rate so she went back to the doctor (second visit) today to maybe get a different dose of BP medicine. The doc gave her some samples of a different medicine last week but it seemed to actually be even less helpful than her old medicine plus it seems to have made her a little fluttery or nervous. It is hard to say what has precipitated this, end of the season, her recent diet change or the stress of having a grand-daughter in the hospital but whichever it is she's got me worried.

I've been keeping myself distracted by tinkering with an old computer I put together from 3 defunct machines donated by friends. It worked good for about 6 months but I think the bios has finally crashed. Got a little water on the motherboard last winter and I think something toasted the cmos. Too bad because I was just making some progress with the fractal evolution software I was designing. It took a target image and evolved new fractal populations successively to approximate the target image from the Julia or Mandelbrot set. Only works on older machines because the fractint engine it was based on crashes when using the expensive video card on this machine ( fractint is great fun if you can get it to work for you, more info here ) . Suppose I'll have to either abandon that project or make the commitment to design my own fractal generating engine.

Everything else aside, life is still a grand adventure.

Well, gotta go tackle some end of the day chores. Y'all have a great day now.


  • I hope your mom is okay. It seems that just having her granddaughter in such a trauma would be enough to get things off-kilter. How is your niece?

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 8:01 PM  

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