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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

busy day

But didn't really get anything done.

Went this morning to my jury orientation meeting at 8am in Medford which meant I had to be out of bed before 6am for the first time since we closed the farm. Uhg, quite unpleasant. The orientation was both boring and interesting. It reaffirmed my belief that I live in a damned cool country. Not many other places in the world where the general populace gets to sit in on deciding the rightness or wrongness of legal disputes, Sharia law is right out. America rocks.

Then I went to see Cass for the first time since her accident. Oh, what a heart render. To see that vibrate young lady so greatly reduced and still struggling to recover. The hospital has had a heck of a time keeping her electrolytes balanced and she was feeling queasy from the potassium pills they'd given her. So much for "do no harm" I was singularly unimpressed with an approach which is so unsubtle as to introduce raw potassium salts directly to someone's stomach without so much as a buffer. How about a pretzel and some water to wash that down with you medical morons? Or better yet, formulate the thing in a fashion that isn't so harsh.

Got home and was almost immediately waylaid by my best bud Steve on the phone. Rock on brother! I never pass up a long phone conversation with Steve because we end up laughing till our sides hurt. He promised me he'd check out my blog so if he doesn't I'll be posting his email address here for all my loyal readers to harass him with.

Just kidding Steve.

A note of interest about the blog: as of Nov 22 I've had 4055 page views. I know that isn't very many by some people's standards but it is a bunch to me. Who ever knew a farmer's musings would be so interesting?

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  • Jury duty is cool. The only time I've ever served was when I was 19. On a high-profile divorce case involving a car dealership owner who was cheating with his wife's sister. Pretty interesting. Sorry to hear your niece is suffering so much. I hope things get better soon.

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 7:48 AM  

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