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Friday, October 27, 2006

T minus four days and counting

I doubt the astronauts feel exactly as I do, but I am still pretty excited about the upcoming Halloween. Sort of like that feeling I had as a kid when I knew there were only 4 days of school left.

We're out of corn finally and the frost has killed just about everything else. All we have left to sell is pumpkins, corn shawcks, 16 cases of nearly ripe tomatoes and a mountain of winter squash. Should just last us out until All Hallow's Eve. We're talking about contacting one of the local "gleaners" groups to come pick up the huge pile of winter squash still in the field. And there's a local church that will come get a bunch of the leftover pumpkins for a carving contest.

Hoping you all have fun and safe spooking.


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