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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas afternoon

What a fun morning we had! Got up around 7, slowly waking. Got out our stockings full of small goodies which Santa left overnight. Then we started opening presents. Too many items to list, but mom got shorted a bunch of gifts. I only had time to find her 2 and dad has been too ill to go out and about.

Well, that is, mom got shorted until my brother brought over the new rocking recliner he and I had picked up a couple days ago from West Coast Appliances at dad's behest. At first mom thought Bro and I were bringing it in for dad, until I told her it was all his idea. Her astonishment and delight were absolutely wonderful.

Mom got me the cheap mp3 player I wanted. Wasn't about to take something expensive into the cornfields with me, but this unit from Coby works ok and I don't have to care if it breaks, other than losing something mom gave me. I also got a Benjamin break-barrel 177 pellet gun with scope from dad for shooting the giant, long-legged rats in our garden ;-) Dad wrote "Don't shoot your eye out!" on the box.

Dad got some warm slippers and sweats from mom and a nice collection of assorted small tools from me. He also got a bunch of other things like a couple books and some other clothing.

We all got the glorious gift of being together for another fun Christmas morning.

Oh yeah, and Sparky got a new assortment of chewable squeak toys.

God bless this good green earth and Merry Christmas to all.


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