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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pray for Rae

Taking a few minutes after some clean-up in the north barn and I came across the comment from Rae-Ann telling me she had a burst appendix last week. Wow! what a bummer. Everybody send her a bundle of wellness and happy wishes. She said she's out of the hospital and slowly recovering but that is still a very heavy illness to suffer from so I'm sure a little well-wishing is appropriate.

Get well Rae.

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  • Thank you so much! I'm getting better every day, and I'm even able to drive again. It's amazing how quickly our bodies can recover and heal with the help of modern medicine. And prayer too, of course. :-) I've pondered if there is some law of physics that would imply a "self-healing" universe or something similar. But then I've also thought that idea might be something that Susskind or Smolin might invent, so I'm not really sure. lol

    Thanks again for your good thoughts and prayers.

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 9:26 AM  

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