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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Insane in the rain

Wow! from 20% chance of rain to 100% rain.

This is a really unusual summer drizzle. Sure to crack the cherry, pear and big beef tomatoes. Bummer. It is the farmer's lot to practice acceptance. What else can one do in the face of totally overwhelming forces?

From the radar image it looks like the worst of it has passed but lots of little showers for the next few hours.

Yesterday morning a largish 4 point buck came prancing through the sunflower patch besides our selling room. Our customers and Sparky were equally excited. Dad and I were just contemplating 100 pounds of venison jerky. Well, maybe that was what Sparky was thinking of too, but probably just the thrill of the chase.

I'm gonna spend today cleaning up and resting. Glorious, glorious resting.

Wishing you a restful day too.


  • I hope the fruits don't split too much. It's still very hot and dry here. And now it's windy so it feels like walking in a convection oven. Hope you got plenty of rest.

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 7:10 AM  

  • After the rain, my gold pattypan squash plants started growing mold on the stems and leaves. I thinned out the leaves to try to get some air and light in- will that slow the mold? Or should I just root out the whole thing and compost (or burn?) it. Seems like there is a lot of problem with fungus and mold in this area...

    By Blogger 50plus, at 5:53 AM  

  • Hi Rae,
    Strangely there was little or no damage to the fruit. Looks like I'm getting the better half of global warming. Stay cool!

    Hi 50plus,
    It has been unusually wet this summer so don't pass judgment on the fungus problem here just yet. Be glad it hasn't been too dry or you could be suffering from spidermites instead!

    It sounds like your plants may also have some mineral deficiency like zinc, magnesium or potassium all of which protect against fungus. On the next hot, dry day try foliar feeding with a dilute solution of Epsom's salt (a natural fungicide) maybe 2 tablespoons to the gallon. It's magnesium sulfate and might help.

    By Blogger The Guy, at 8:15 AM  

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