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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bring it on

In the article "China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales" we see that China is threatening to call in its trillions of dollars in trade deficit.

As someone who has been forced to buy the faulty, defective and poorly constructed chinese products which have displaced so many sturdy, functional and finely wrought American products due to their slave-labor low prices I would just like to say one thing: "Bring it on you commie bastards." There is nothing I would like more than for my country to be forced to STOP TRADING with you due to our inability to pay.

And while we're discussing it, how about you pay for all that technology you've been "borrowing", hmmm?


  • Amen! I was just talking to the dental hygienist today about how China has no ethics and that's why they produce crap, and sometimes toxic crap, to sell us. I'm over it. I'm paying more attention now to where things are made, and if it's "made in China" I seriously reconsider if I really need it. I'm sure if someone took into consideration how much we've helped their economy grow, etc., we would have no "trade deficit."

    By Blogger Rae Ann, at 11:30 AM  

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