Savage Farming

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday solicitudes

Had a really fun Sunday yesterday. Mom. dad, Todd, uncle Stan, aunt Ann, uncle Vince & I went out to the Galice Cafe for breakfast buffet. It was a really pleasant meal besides the Rogue River.

Took mom & aunt Ann shopping at Walmart while the others took a different route home.

When evening rolled around we had a hot dog roast. Shelly, Rodger & Randie, Amber & her girls showed up but Robin came down with a migraine just as we got the fire going. Homemade ice cream topped off the meal with some birthday cake for Todd.

Have had a cool morning. Visiting with uncle Stan, waiting for aunt Ann & uncle Vince to show up. Gonna go to Rogue Creamery for some cheese tasting later. Hope everyone's Monday works out well.


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