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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

43rd trip around the sun

It's my 43rd birthday today, woo-hoo!

Had a great day. Started out planting corn with dad at farm#2. Then while mom & dad went in for dad's blood panel I did the dishes, watered a bunch of stuff and took a delightful nap in the cool, cool house. Thank God & Grant Gustafson there's water back in the ditch, it was out from Saturday night through Monday morning.

Yesterday we had a visit from dad's friends Roland Unruh, his wife Jo & her sister Wilma. We took them out to Shari's restaurant in Medford. It was a delightful meal and visit.

For dinner today we had enchiladas made by Mrs. Tracy Kessell; it was so sweet of her to save mom the trouble of making a meal. For dessert we had ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen sent home by my sister.

Just now finished a little nap, gonna go out and do a little hoeing maybe. Or maybe not.

Wishing you all this same fine contentment and more.


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