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Friday, June 06, 2008

Recovery redux

Finally getting my feet back on the ground after a week of a rather nasty head and chest cold. It got mom and dad too so the farm has fallen behind schedule a couple days. A limping sort of scramble has ensued to catch up or at least to not fall any further behind. The weeds in the corn are getting awful and cole crops are looking pretty bad too.

Yesterday dad and I summoned the courage to pull 4 more black plastic mulch and driptape rows. Then we went beyond the call of duty and planted another 9 rows of sweet corn. That was pretty much all we could sustain.

The plastic mulch rows are for sweet potatoes which should have been planted last week. The little slips are starting to hurt from being too long out of the ground. I just now got the drips running so hopefully by this afternoon we can start planting again.

Whew! that's all the typing I have the strength for, gonna rest now. Y'all be well.


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