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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring with snow

A little light snow around noon today. Lots of frost this morning, 28 degrees F.

The almonds, peaches and plums are all in bloom but no serious sign of damage from the frost. No idea why. The frost seems to mostly have been at ground level so maybe higher up there it just didn't freeze.

Cherries, apples and pears are hanging back and waiting. Cherries will open next hopefully the frosts will be gone by then.

Loads and loads of plants sprouting in the big greenhouse. Many thousands. 5 kinds of tomatoes, 6 types of eggplants, artichokes, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, 4 kinds of summer squash, cantaloupe, crenshaw melons, 5 kinds of watermelon and an assortment of Asian and European melons.

On top of planting and pruning I've been doing some web page design/repair work for my friend Mark. So blog time has been limited, sorry blogosphere.

The web page design stuff has been pretty frustrating but also challenging and interesting. It's been a couple years since I worked with javascript, CSS, Perl and PHP. Thinking in meta-layers is something I used to enjoy and it's neat to get back into that level of code and the mental abstraction exercise that goes with it. Unfortunately having to fix and redesign someone else's work is quite irritating.

Y'all feel good and be happy.


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