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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy in the greenhouse

Well, not at the moment. But the last couple days we've been scrambling trying to get back on schedule. First couple thousand assorted plants/seedlings/seeded trays are hunkered down in the big greenhouse and making their strides towards spring planting.

First day of spring starts in just a couple hours. So hard to believe. Back in August I would've bet just about anything that I wouldn't be getting ready to plant another crop right now. But here we are again, figuring how late we can buy fertilizer and how much plastic mulch we can afford. With the big new contract for tomatoes our capital overhead has expanded quite a bit.

Rain has been really picturesque the last few days but I've been too busy to wield the camera. Really nice to stand warm and dry in the greenhouse filling pony-trays with seeds while the wind and rain whip overhead.

Y'all have a fine night.


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