Saturday, June 17, 2017

Running so late

Seldom have we been planting the main season crops so close to the solstice but at least I'm getting them in a little before that. 100 tomato plants in this morning, 36 mixed squash and a couple dozen watermelon plants too. I also pushed in about 500 feet of our customer's favorite the Incredible sweet corn.

This last week I pushed in just shy of 1000 feet of sweet corn, Bodacious type as well as about 200 feet of  mixed winter squash and about 230 feet of watermelon (Charleston Grey, Jubillee rattlesnake type, Moon-N-Stars, and Black Diamond).

I tell you, it can be tough at times. My back gets sore and my worries weigh me down but the open sky, bird songs and the gorgeous mountains which surround our lovely little farm soothe my spirit.

Only a few days of spring left, hope you each and all relish them with gusto :)

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