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Monday, January 05, 2015

Winter head cold.

A runny nose is soooo infuriating. It makes it hard to work, concentrate or be comfortably productive. It's disappointing that 100 years of intense medical advances, scientific breakthroughs and other modern marvels have never yielded anything like a remedy for this tedious suffering. The closest thing I've ever found is a pint of my mom's spicy salsa juice. It works great at reducing discomfort but only for about 40 minutes and I just can't drink it all day long, it's too spicy!

I spent the day moving wood chips and cleaning up around the place between bouts of self-pity and nose-blowing. Ma went to the Needlers in Rogue River for some social crafting.

Gotta go put in the pizza now, y'all take care and stay warm.


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