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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Surprise! a rainy spring day in Oregon

Just filled the bird feeders and we have quite a flock in the yard.

The greenhouse is filling up quickly with lots of little plants. Hundreds of tomatoes already putting on dark green growth and a big flush of new herbs and interesting flowers. Still waiting on a bundle of new plants to come in; they won't ship until the danger of frost has passed.

Sunday I plugged the next set of mushroom logs with pearl oyster spawn. One more round for the lion's mane mushroom and I'll have my 1st experimental runs going. Also have some cardboard spawn and some delightful sawdust spawn running in my sterile chamber from both oyster and a wild lion's mane I found in fall. The spawn from that wild mushroom is wonderfully aggressive, growing quick & bright white.

Next week I'll start planting the early melons. I'm also hoping the weather will moderate for a few days so I can get the 1st greens field rototilled and the big greenhouse inflated. Once that is up I'll be planting the early garden of summer squash, cukes and tomatoes in there.

Wishing you all vigorous growth and rich soil :)


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