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Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring progress

Assailed by the threat of rain showers and nutsedge. But man! The blueberries I was putting mulch on this morning were shiny, bright and happy. Looking forward to checking the sweet onions. Wishing you a shiny, bright and happy day.


  • What in the world can you do about the nutsedge without poisoning everything?

    By Blogger hunt1803, at 5:16 PM  

  • Sweet potato is a "contra" companion plant for nutsedge. I've tried it and sweet potato does seem to diminish the population of nutsedge. Other than that, use a shielded sprayer and sedgehammer, I usually just cut the bottom out of a plastic milk jug and duct tape the jug to the end of a spray wand through the jug's pour spout. Keeps the drift and side spray way down. On our 3 nozzle beam sprayer we made a shield with plastic sheeting and conduit. You can also do a repeated mechanical kill method with wet/dry periods before and after each cultivation cycle. Done often enough this will starve the nuts of the nutrient they need to put out new shoots.

    By Blogger Guy, at 8:09 PM  

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