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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Frozen foggy autumn morning

27° !
Gotta get the defroster put in the bird bath.

We've been pretty busy in this dry weather. Days are short & it's hard to get out in the cold mornings but we've got plenty to do pressing on us.

We brought the 3" aluminum pipes home yesterday & I pulled a muscle in my back doing it, argh! We did that as part of moving our operation back to the old farm. Decided we just don't make enough money to justify running the extra land & moving the outlet back here will dramatically diminish the labor overhead on our sales outlet. Will have to advertise more but we'll also drop a bunch of those troublesome customers who just pull off the road. Still not what I'd prefer to do but change is inevitable & better to go with it than to fight it.

The fog & frosty landscape is quite lovely this morning. Haven't got the curtains pulled yet but can see out through the gaps. Brrrr!

Wishing you warmth & comfort.


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