Savage Farming

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Savage weather

Storm giants just came blundering through our neighborhood. Shaking hail & rain from their hair while bumbling into each other with thund'rous crash & boom. They took a terrible toll 'pon my now sad garden. I would estimate at least 25% of our year's income shredded from existence. Great big chunks of hail about the size of 50 cent pieces. Not a full carpeting but enough to perforate a sizable number of plants. Woe!

Oh well, in the scheme of things I'm sure it's no big deal, just another messed up day on spaceship earth. Geez, at least I'm not living under islamic rule too. We'll buckle up, start mopping and push through another big challenge.

Y'all be happy with me to spite circumstance & the merciless universe.


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