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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lonely day on the farm

Got the sprayer repaired this morning, put on the 2 tires dad & Todd welded up and tightened a lose worm-gear fitting. Then sprayed the latest corn field. Got home around 11, had lunch and mowed the orchard.

The place is mighty empty without mom & dad around. Sparky has been pensive all day. Right now it's a bit too hot for him & me to be out working. Set a couple sprinklers about an hour ago will have to move them in another hour. Then when it cools a bit more I'll drive stakes, stretch wire and push in at least a couple more rows of watermelons, cantaloupes, winter squash and pumpkins. However many time allows; will get the rest in the next couple days.

Been reading "Care of the Soul" by Thomas Moore. A very fine book, has helped me regain an equilibrium which I have been struggling without. Hope it persists.

Really missing my complementary opposite. That's a delightfully analytical term for someone who could share such wonder with me. I'm sure she's out there somewhere, my struggles a reflection of her's. I wish we could be together to share family, friends and challenges but for some reason fate has other designs. I really wish she could meet my dad before that damned disease takes him away. But that isn't for us mortals to determine and I am grateful despite it all for every day under the open sky.

Wishing you challenges touched by wonder and gratitude.


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