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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday pause

It is very hot out there, 95 and humid. The sun leans on me every time I walk out into it.

Took a bit of the afternoon off for a long nap. Thank god for air-conditioning! That rest will help make up for the early and late hours.

Tonight, even though it is Sunday, we'll go out to hand water the lettuce and cabbage one more time. This will hopefully be the last time since irrigation is supposed to be in the ditch sometimes this week. It is also likely to cool off for the next 5 days or so which will help the lettuce a bunch. Damn those lazy fools at the Grants Pass Irrigation District for taking so long to get us water.

The corn, pumpkins, winter squash, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, and etc. we planted last week have all started to sprout at farm#2. Before the nap dad and I went over and set water on them to help them up.

Tomorrow we hope to pull black plastic mulch for the tomato rows. That'll be a lot of pressure off our minds. Still gotta find stakes for those too.

On the bad news front our tractor is sounding signs of potential failure. The PTO clutch has began to rattle the internal spline which is not only noisy but also means little or no rototilling, bush hogging or post hole digging unless we have to or until we break the tractor apart and fix it.

On the good news front, the polywogs in the pond are starting to show back legs. If they can stay alive until the cool weather or water comes in the ditch then we'll have a huge batch of frogs for the first time in about 7 years. Another big (sarcastic) thanks to the GPID.

Happiness, my friends.


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